Campaign Brokers

we Heart campaigns

We broker great campaigns - that’s just what we do. With a long track record of over 3000 campaigns with top e-commerce players, app developers, newspapers, magazines, football clubs in over 12 countries, our team has proven to be a great partner for both suppliers and publishers alike.

We act as a one-stop-shop by offering four kinds of services. These are product sourcing, fulfillment, customer care and IT.

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campaigns everywhere

we offer all kinds of direct marketing, reward, coupon, loyalty  campaigns. - you name it.

  • mobile campaigns

    mobile campaigns

    When you have an APP with a large user base, we can offer custom campaigns for your users. Offer them products or digital coupons and monetize your reach.

  • print campaigns

    print campaigns

    Do you have spare ad space available or want to persuade readers for a subscription? Monetize your empty pixels. Offer your readers relevant products or services and create an additional income stream.  

  • e-tail campaigns

    e-tail campaigns

    We offer campaign based inventory management for your e-commerce channel. Sell unique products for killer prices at exactly the right moment. Keep surprising your audience!


  • retail campaigns

    retail campaigns

    For the retail industry, we offer customized loyalty campaigns. Connect with your customers and offer them something more exciting than a set of pots and pans or the famous towel sets.


Because of our full service approach, backed by our people with years of experience from within the field, you will find it all at Campaign Brokers.

  • product sourcing

    product sourcing

    We will get you the right products for your campaign while negotiating the best terms. Surprise your customers with tantalizing products and a dazzling product line-up.

  • fulfillment


    We ship worldwide through any carrier of your choice. We pick and pack, using custom boxing if you like, and we’ll make sure it reaches your customer the way it should. Fast and easy. With care.

  • customer care

    customer care

    In case your customers feel the need to get in touch, we are there! Always a listening ear in the language required. We provide them with the best support we can.

  • it services

    it services

    No IT challenge too big. Together with our friends at Colengo we connect systems, countries and people through our custom cloud-based system dealAPP.

we love our work

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feature your brand

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and traders all have their reasons to choose for Campaign Brokers. To name but a few:

  • - Strong publishers’ network -> creating reach
    - Launching new markets/countries
    - One partner for campaigns throughout Europe
    - Gateway to Europe
    - Selling of overstock

  • Let us explain: Through our publishers, we reach multi millions of customers. This often creates larger sales volumes, which can be used to promote a new product but is also a valuable option for selling (over)stock. Choose us as your one-stop-shop company that promotes and delivers your product throughout Europe.